Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Welcome!! I,  like many of you have struggled to lose the baby fat, muffin top, saddles bags, whatever you call it in your house.   Here is my story...

 I have always been into working out but after my second child the time and energy was not there like it used to be and the little i was doing was not working.

I continued to workout here and there but nothing consistent.  I have friends who are beachbody coaches and continued to see there posts on facebook about working out at home and being consistent.  

I had tried beachbody products in the past but never stuck to them.  I was running a lot, completing, 5Ks, 10Ks, and even half marathons but still not losing the weight.  Very fulfilling to be able to train and complete 13.1 miles but in the sense of weight loss not fulfilling for me.  I am not sure why some people lose weight running and others it makes little difference, guess its everyone is DIFFERENT.

I finally decided to try 21-Day Fix.  This was a great jump start program for me with the only 21 days of commitment.  I loved this program and followed the meal plan and lost about 10 pounds.  Still not feeling like  I was happy with my muffin top i decided to try Shakeology with my next program PIYO.  This was a game changer for me.

 21 Day Fix

21 Day Fix results

I drink Shakeology in the morning as my breakfast meal and it fills me up, give me energy, curbs my cravings significantly.  I also started the 60-day PIYO program in July.  This is by far my favorite program. Low impact, and really stretched me out, i had developed some foot and ankle issues from all my running.  This program was truly amazing.  I had defined my back and shoulders like i never had before, abs started to appear and my "muffin" was FINALLY shrinking (not gone still a work in progress) but...7 years after the birth of my last baby...FINALLY!! What a great feeling!!

I completed the 60 days of PIYO and I will continue to do PIYO 2-3 days a week with any work i am doing.  It is a perfect complimentry workout to every workout regime and has helped me in so many areas.  

I also did 2 rounds of 3 day refresh with Amazing results!! This is a great kickstart to any program or if you need to lose a couple pounds quickly. These are my results the first time around.

I am not a fitness expert or nutrition expert, just someone who wants to share my experiences with others and try to pass along ideas and solutions that have helped me in my journey and can hopefully help and inspire others.  

Feel free to comment or email me at makeyourselfstrong@yahoo.com  I am happy to try to answer any questions or help find ideas and ways to motivate and inspire.