Wednesday, January 7, 2015

 Support/Challenge/Accountability Group

SooooWhat Exactly is This Challenge Group Thing?

 Here’s a brief description of the definition:
A challenge group is a private Facebook group of individuals who are currently using a Beachbody fitness program. While some challenge groups want you to use one specific program, for my groups, it doesn’t matter which program you’re doing because I just want to help you succeed. In this group, we post about the workouts, our nutrition, what we are struggling with, and our successes. It’s a great way to keep and build motivation.
The great thing about challenge groups is we are all there for the same reason and are all looking for support, motivation, and accountability.  Also it is helpful to hear about others experiences and share tips...good and bad!
You of course can skip workouts and eat junk and tell everyone you did the opposite and no one will know but who does that help? Definetly NOT YOU!  So be honest if you are struggling with workouts or just didn not feel like working out post that! if you ate a cupcake for lunch post it...BUT know that if you put half the effort in you will only get half the results! so be honest with yourself and put the work in...i promise it will be worth it!  Also remember nobody’s perfect! I do not always eat perfectly, and I do miss a workout but i try to make it up on a rest day or double up one day.  
There really is no better way to get the best results than by joining. It’s fun, and you build relationships with others who are facing the exact same challenges as you. It’s good support.

How to Be Part of the Next Challenge

1. I have to be your Coach.
2. You have to be following a Beachbody Program.
3. Be present in the daily posts! This is whole point of the group to post your daily workouts, successes and failures. 

What If I’m Not Your Coach

If you don’t already have a coach, click here to Create a free account and make me your coach.
(Already have a coach? Ask them if they run any challenge groups, and if not, you can always send me an email at and I can let you know how to switch coaches.)

Ready to Get Started?

Connect with me on Make Yourself Strong - Facebook, or contacting me at to see what groups we have going starting. 

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